2023/07/171 min read

Response to NIXI New Registrant Agreement Proposal

Video response https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYpqjsv7WAI&t=3s
2023/07/124 min read

NIXI Proposed Registrant Agreement Changes to Stop Domain Reselling

Great article explaining Domain Investing vs Cybersquatting in connection with NIXI Proposed Registrant Agreement Changes to prevent Domain Reselling "Whats the difference between domain investing and domain squatting (or cybersquatting): Domain investing refers to the practice of buying domains wi...
2023/07/042 min read

Why Keyword Domain Names are Great for Organic Lead Generation

Here is one for the domain Payscale.co.in "Dear Team I am writing on behalf of the ............ Embassy. We are currently reviewing the salary structure for staff, including positions such as drivers, clerks, cleaners, and receptionists. To ensure a fair and competitive compensation package, we kind...
2023/06/141 min read

Plus.co.in and Plus , popular keywords

A quick Google search, found these websites with the keyword "Plus" and specifically ending in Plus.co.in Raises the question for business owners, wouldn't you want to own Keywords for lead generation for your business . Especially highly popular keywords that are relevant to your brand as well OneP...
2023/05/097 min read

Allow Registrars to sell .IN Domains in Aftermarket

Domain Name .IN (India) : One of the rules laid out by the .IN registry NIXI is to not allow listing / selling of .IN , .CO.IN and other .IN domain names on Registrar platforms. This rule has been in place since 2005, when .IN domains were released to the public for registrations worldwide. Domain n...
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