Indian Company using Multiple Keyword Domain Names

IndiaEV.in , BharatEV.in and EVBattery.co.in all owned by TuckerMotors.com (Indian company). This is a great example of businesses realizing the importance of Category Keyword domain names to support their core business.

This is common practice among global corporations to acquire and use 100's if not 1000's of category keyword domains to support their core businesses.

Multi domain name strategy is a tried and proven method for lead generation and brand support


ChatGPT Question : Which is a more valuable domain name Finance.in or Finance.co.in

Which is a more valuable domain name, finance.in or finance.co.in

It is difficult to determine the exact value of a domain name as it can be influenced by various factors such as the website's traffic, brand recognition, and market demand. However, generally speaking, ".co.in" domains tend to be perceived as having a stronger connection to the Indian market, which may make "finance.co.in" more appealing to businesses targeting the Indian market. On the other hand, ".in" domains are often seen as more concise and memorable, so "finance.in" may be seen as a more valuable domain name from that perspective. Ultimately, the value of a domain name will depend on how effectively it supports the goals of the website and its target audience.


European CCTLD's have 58% marketshare


European ccTLDs | October 2022

  • The European market1 is estimated at 115 million domain registrations of which 58% are national ccTLDs, 31% .com and 11% other gTLDs.
  • Demand2 for European ccTLDs increased over Q3 2022 similar to the pattern last year and in the years prior to the pandemic. The demand ratio is currently being driven to some extent by a reduction in deletions (as opposed to a boost in new domain creations).
  • Median growth was 2.0% in the year to October 2022 (down from the 6 month average). The median renewal ratio has trended up to 84.7%.
  • Registrar (retail) prices of European ccTLD registrations have been increasing over the past 12 months, with a recently recorded median of 10.2 EUR (incl. tax) – up from 8.6 EUR 12 months prior.
  • The rate of parked domains and domains with no web content has remained stable over the quarter at 26% and 28% respectively. The proportion of domains which are used for developed web content is 46% of which 69% have forced https (SSL certificate) - up slightly from last quarter.

Domain Pricing by Companies - .IN and .CO.IN

Companies / Business invest 1000's of dollars on purchasing .in and .co.in domains, then they invest millions on developing them into a business, how much should the domain names be valued now



e-Commerce Market in India to hit $165 Billion by 2025


The ecommerce penetration in India is still about 8.5% of the total population.

India has emerged as the hottest ecommerce market in the world, a central battleground for e-retailer giants Jio, Walmart, Amazon, and eBay, among others. India’s ecommerce market is expected to hit $165B by 2025, according to a report on "Beyond Ecommerce 3.0" by Kalaari Capital. The potential of D2C (direct-to-consumer) brands alone is massive. One of the fastest-growing ecommerce segments, D2C brands are expected to clock $50 billion in sales by 2025. Most of their revenue, however, continues to come from listing their products on marketplaces. There are more than 180 million addressable online shoppers in India—higher than the combined populations of the UK and Australia.

Read more at: https://yourstory.com/2023/01/e-commerce-segments-d2c-brands-expected-clock-50-billion-in-sales-by-2025-report

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