Tyre / Tire Keyword Domains India - .IN /.CO.IN 

Why do Businesses invest in Category Keyword Domains or Generic Domains, well there is a correlation to Search Advertising , such as Google Adwords and others. Instead of buying Serch Advertising, you could also invest in Domain Names that bring traffic and leads. You pay for Clicks and / or you pay for Premium Domain names . Here is an example of the Tyre Category .

Camodo Ag (Germany) owns Tyre.in, .co.in , Tire.in,  .co.in  , Tireclub.com (Mexico) owns Tyres.co.in  and TyreMarket.com (Karnataka) owns Tyres.in  and TyreShopNearMe.in ,  Evergreen Traders (Kerala) owns TyreShop.in and Siremull Hirachands Tyre Store  (Tamilnadu) owns TyreStore.in  .  Tyre market in India (read) is around $9 billion and expected to grow to $20+ billion by 2030 . Just an example of a category.


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