Domain Name Pricing factors :

- Search Results / Trends / Keyword Popularity

- India GDP and Market Growth (4 Trillion Economy and Growing Fast)

- Potential uses in India and Market Size ($billions) for category/industry/niche

- Number of extensions registered (

- Valuation of .com and other country code extensions , price will be a roughly 10% of .com valuation

- Keyword/Generic Value and /or Brandable Value and Uniqueness

- Cost of customer acquisition thru Advertising for the Niche/Category - Google Adsense , Cost per click

- .IN and .CO.IN pricing will depend on each other 

Major benefit in Category Defining Generic Keyword Domains :

- Cost Savings in Advertising/Marketing over the years 

- Better click thru rates 

- Perceived market leadership / Seat at the table

- Prevent Competitors from owning Category Keyword Domain Name

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