Indian Consumers at an Inflection Point

Siddharth Agarwal, Principal at Matrix Partners India

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- In the next 5-10 years, India's economy is projected to grow by $3.5 trillion, which is equivalent to the amount added since its independence 75 years ago

- China embarked on a similar trajectory starting 2007 when its GDP was $3.5 trillion, reaching $18 trillion in 2022 (5x in 15 years!)

- This growth in India is expected to result in a remarkable surge in per-capita income, leading to an increase in discretionary spending that has not been witnessed in the past

- The pandemic accelerated digital penetration by 12–24 months across different sectors, thereby boosting the adoption of ecommerce.

- Ecommerce penetration will further increase and 350-400 million shoppers are expected to shop online by 2025 India’s consumer tech sector has already demonstrated early successes, with over 40 unicorns creating a value of more than $250 billion

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