NIXI Proposed Registrant Agreement Changes to Stop Domain Reselling

Great article explaining Domain Investing vs Cybersquatting in connection with NIXI Proposed Registrant Agreement Changes to prevent Domain Reselling

"What’s the difference between domain investing and domain squatting (or cybersquatting): Domain investing refers to the practice of buying domains with common words like “shopping.in” or “movies.in” and reselling the same for a higher value. Domain squatting refers to the practice of buying domains that have trademarks like “jio.in” or names confusingly similar to trademarks and hoping to sell them to the company that owns the trademark at a premium."

"Another difference lies in the intent. As per a March 2020 decision under NIXI’s .IN Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (INDRP) concerning the domain tickets.in:
“In simple terms, there is a demarcation between Cybersquatting and Domain Investing. Because while former means a deliberate and mala fide action on the part of the domain registrant to try to make profits from someone else’s goodwill/trademark rights and is never allowed to anyone (under INDRP in such cases, costs can be imposed). While the latter is legitimate interest as laid down in various UDRP Precedents.”"

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Response to NIXI New Registrant Agreement Proposal

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